September 23, 2002 - 9:49 am

do you want to know something about me?

i can't do math.

i can't do math under pretty much any circumstances. this isn't just some statement implying that i'm not good at it -well, actually, yes it is.

but i'm more than not good at it. i'm horrible. the worst part of it is, it's not just fractions, multiplication or division that makes me stick my tongue out the side of my mouth and frown, i can't add or subtract either.

subtraction sucks. and i'm not good at it.

i probably have an iq of about 130 and i can't fucking add.

my boyfriend and i can carry on fairly intelligent conversations, we try to outwit eachother all the time, but as soon as numbers are involved i tense up, smile weakly and start sweating like a whore in church. at this point, eli will turn to me and matter-of-factly say:

eli: it's maf, bean.

to which i usually reply.

annie: ooooooooh.

and i know that's my cue to shut up, because i'm entering his territory.

although he IS one of the smartest people i know, he's not a math wiz, but next to me he's fucking john nash.

so there's a little something about me. if you want to know anything else, please go here, you'll see, i'm a weirdo.

okay, last night eli experienced the wrath that is me and awards shows. so i'm just going to ask one question:

does anyone watch "everybody loves raymond"?

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