October 15, 2002 - 5:04 pm

sometimes i'm amazed at how amused i am by other peoples stupidity. then i wonder if i'm stupid too because i sit there and laugh and laugh.

one of the other assistants at my law firm has to leave work early everyday so yours truly, assistant extraordinaire, annie-of-all-trades has to cover her phone.

so, as soon as i get on her computer i go to the google page, because that's what i always do. google is my metaphorical launch pad into a world of information.

but this girl, she ALWAYS types in goGGle, instead of gOOgle. ALWAYS.

now, normally something like this wouldn't bother me. maybe goGGle is an interesting page also.

it's not. it's crap. it's just a page that says "if you were trying to reach gOOgle, click here". and it's some advertising execs sick opportunity to flood you with pop-up ads.

i've decided that she doesn't know the difference. in fact i think she actually calls "gOOgle", "goGGle".

so i sit here and shake my head and think, 'man she's dumb!'

and then i realize I'M the one writing an entry about it.



i screamed at my phone the other day. here's the thing, if you're going to call me, know what you're going to say before doing so.

don't call me and re-enact the following scenario:

dumb chick: hi, um, is this annie?

annie: this is annie.

dumb chick: yeah, um, hi annie this is dumb chick from another law firm.

annie: hi dumb chick.

dumb chick: yeah, uh, i was told to call you because we received an, um, hold on a second...

annie: sure (rolling eyes)

dumb chick: mmm, hm. -oh yeah, we received an email about a reception and i was just wondering what time it starts.

annie: did you not receive the invite? it was an attachment that i included in the email.

dumb chick: ummmmm, hold on. ummmmm, oh, here it is. ummm, okay.

annie: okay?

dumb chick: okay, soooooo, ummm what time does it start?

annie: it should say in the attached invite.

dumb chick: oh, okay i see it.

annie: did you want to rsvp for the reception?

dumb chick: ummmm, yes. but, ummm, where is it again?

annie: it's here, thats also on the invitation.

dumb chick: oh yeah! okay, yes i need to rsvp. i mean, someone else. i mean, i need to rsvp for someone else. not me, i'm not the one who's going?

annie: (awww, you're not? i was looking forward to having you explain quantum physics to me) okay, who will be attending?

dumb chick: oh, my boss.

annie: i'm sorry, what's you're bosses name again?

dumb chick: oh, i dont think i ever told you.

annie: no, i don't think so either.

dumb chick: oh it's insert-name-of-person-stupid-enough-to-hire-dumb-chick-or-name-of-dumb-chicks-mom-because-no-one-who-isn't-tied-to-her-by-blood-would-ever-consider-hiring-her-here.

annie: okay thank you.

dumb chick: oh, wait, are they allowed to bring guests?

annie: well, according to the invitation, they are allowed to bring one other person.

dumb chick: oh, yeah. i see it. it says right here.

annie: ...

dumb chick: ...

annie: is there someone else coming?

dumb chick: oh, i'm not sure yet, maybe.

annie: okay, well my phone number is on the invitation as well, as soon as you find out you can give me a call. in the meantime, i'll just add you're bosses name and you can call me if anything changes. thank you.

dumb chick: ummm, okay.

annie: mmmmbuh-bye.

dumb chick: bye.


my boss came around the corner and stared at me. whatever, he always does that.


the other day i found out that i have an interview for a job in san francisco (wish me luck you guys, i'm sooooo fucking nervous) and i got really excited and ran over to my friends cubicle and started doing that flashdance/"she's a maniac" dance and then i got yelled at because 2 people in my office thought we were having an earthquake.

can't even dance around in an office nowadays. sheesh.


i hate it when someone prints out their emails and all that comes out is a bunch of nosensical number/letter hullaballoo. even though i hate this, i need to make a mental note not to say "who decided to print out The Matrix today?" because the person who printed it is guaranteed to be very close to you where they can hear.


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