December 31, 2002 - 9:37 am

i am dressed to fucking impress today.

i'm wearing my favorite t-shirt of all time which features the following far side cartoon on it.

how cool am i?

i'm also wearing a pair of navy dickies that I've owned since i was 16.

and my usual shell toe adidas.

eli was recently telling me about an article in GQ magazine that said San Francisco women were notoriously unattractive.

and i have to agree.

in fact lots of women here agreed. however the point was made that san francisco women just don't fucking care about their appearance. which for the male species 'not caring about how you look' is regularly likened to 'ugly'.

when i lived in sacramento i hated going anywhere if i wasn't dressed up. the women there get fixed up to go to the grocery store. i rarely left the house without putting lipstick on. sure, i still had my pajamas on, but lipstick was a must.

san francisco women don't care. the entire city seems to be pretty laid back.

other than the city being laid back though, i've thought of something else that might have an effect on the lack of fashion sense in this city.


this city is so goddamned expensive it doesn't surprise me that everyone looks like they just went on a $10 shopping spree at the local thrift shop.

in my experience $10 can get me two cool shirts and 3 pairs of pants.

in san francisco, $100 dollars might get you 1 pair of pants.

mmhmm, do the math.


i was robbed!!!!

yes, ROBBED!

someone got into my car last night (the door was unlocked, oops) and stole my ashtray where i keep loose change and some emergency bridge toll.

they didn't just take the money in the ashtray, they took the whole thing, now i have nowhere to put my change!


here's what makes me more angry though. if you're willing risk getting caught breaking into a car for some spare change and a couple of dollar bills, wouldn't you rather get a much larger reward?

look, all i'm saying is, i own an '88 honda civic which i wouldn't mind 'losing'.

so, honestly people, why didn't you just take the whole car?

i've been trying to get someone to hit me for the past 3 months in order to get rid of my hunk of junk, but now i realized that having my car stolen would be a lot more convenient (avoid medical bills).

so tonight, i'm leaving the driver's side door open and a key in the ignition.

Happy new year! Here, have a new car!


New year's sucks. for as long as i can remember, i've thought this was the lamest holiday on earth.

a year is over and a new one is starting, whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

everyone is going to the gym for 3 months, yay.

when it comes down to it New year's is really just an excuse for stupidity.

people act stupid about this day. they make all sorts of promises to others and themselves and in the end they remember that they're dumbasses and that they can't follow through on anything.

seriously how many people actually keep their new years resolutions?

i've kept two, in my life.

last year i made a new year's resolution to give up Starbuck's.

i was having a problem with how ridiculously corporate they had become (they're about 200ft away from eachother Downtown) and I wanted to support local businesses.

in fact, about a year ago a very cool coffee house that I used to work at in Big Bear Lake, California closed down because the Starbucks came into town.

it's too bad, this was an awesome place. big floofy couches, board games, excellent coffee, cool artwork, family owned, delicious baked goods, it was perfect.

they were also running part of the meals-on-wheels program in the town. you won't see starbucks doing that.

anyhow, i did it. i didn't buy one thing from starbucks all year.

unfortunately other people did buy me stuff from starbucks, in which case i would take it so not to be rude and console myself with the true statement that "i didn't buy it, therefore i'm not the one supporting it.'

my other resolution was to give up KFC (read "Diet for a New America" and you'll know why). That resolution I've continued for about 4 years now.

anyhow, back to new years, i just don't get it.

lets all go out and celebrate a new year because it's such a big deal.

yeah, like this day won't happen again next year.

and you know what really gets me going is when everyone at the office uses that 'i'll see you next year! ha ha!' joke.



but guess who's going to get drunk tonight!!! yeah!!!

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