March 14, 2003 - 7:48 pm

(our heroine annie, stares at the computer screen)


(come on! there's got to be something to write about)

(continues staring)

(rests chin on palm and elbown on wristpad and continues staring)

(have i poo'd today?)

(if i were a tape dispenser...)

(i don't think i have poo'd)

(leaves desk)


(why do i poo in tiny pellets all the time? i must be some sort of ungulate in a humans body)

(baaaaa, heh heh)

(i poo'd with the stall door open. oh shut it! if you had as nice a view of the Palace of Fine Arts from your bathroom window, you'd have done it too!)

(since i'm at work and no one is here and i grew up in the hood, i'm wondering what i can steal)

(the recycling people down the hall have two pencils in their display case. one used to be dollar bills and one used to be blue jeans)

(yeah, i'll take the blue jeans one)

(wait a minute! who the FUCK recycles dollar bills?)

(whatever, i'm taking my pencil and going home soon)


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