October 13, 2003 - 4:42 pm

alright, lets get this out of the way. just because arnold schwarzenegger is our governator, does not mean that all of us voted for him.

and by all of us i mean, me.

i'm so embarassed, people. i mean honestly is this the worst thing to ever happen in California, or what?

oh my god, we're turning into florida - or worse...texas.

it's really sad actually. i mean, not that our new governor is someone whose fame stems from one-liners like "it's not a tumor" and "hasta la vista, baby"; but that i share highways with people who are really excited and think it's "awesome" and "hysterical" that he's our new governor. the sad part, is that i have to share space with these morons.

not too much space, thankfully. see, i live in the bay area, the only part of california where the recall lost miserably. sadly, the remainder of the country doesn't differentiate between the bay and the rest of the state. no, to them all californians are the laughing stock of the nation. and i am a californian.

well, go ahead and laugh it up!

the fact still remains that california is the fastest growing state due to the fact that more than half the people in this nation would pack up and move here if only it were so easy. really, people it's not that big of a deal. i mean, come on, you've seen one sunset across the pacific ocean, you've seen 'em all really. but here's why you really don't want to move here:

first off, take los angeles (where i was born and grew up) well, from what i hear lots of people in the rest of the country aren't comfortable living anywhere where they're the minority. apparently culture shock is much more than a mental state nowadays. well i've got some advice for ya, DON'T MOVE TO L.A. unless you're a brownie like me. Latinos there run everything. oh, you may not see them but they're there, waiting in the woodwork to jump out and beat you like little tito's birthday pinata. sorry, that's how we do.

san diego? well, surfing to school is overrated. seriously that shit is dangerous and horrible for homework assigments (sharks love college ruled paper, it's true!) also they have this disease there called um, skingetssoburnedyourlimbsfalloff. it's not fun, apparently your skin gets so burned, your limbs fall off. hey, that's just what i've heard.

san francisco. now this is probably the only decent place to move in california if you're thinking of relocating. if "decent" means granola-crunching, gay-loving, tree-humping (we stopped "hugging" here years ago) bush-hating libbers. sure, san francisco, is a decent place to live. plus, rumor has it the bay area wants to try and take over the whole rest of the state with their "decent" ways. i know of at least one girl who does.

anything north of san francisco? just cows, people. cows as far as the eye can see.

so there you have it, the truth on why you shouldn't move here. straight from the horses mouth.

i don't want anymore people moving here because its possible, with all that relocating, we might let in another idiot like arnold.


on a lighter note, i start dancing again tonight.

that's right, i'm going back to my roots and getting involved with a folklorico group. can't wait, i'll let you all know how it goes (actually i probably won't, honey's). it's not super expensive either $60 a month and i can take like 4 classes a week if i want to. i doubt i'll do that because it takes me 20 minutes to get to class but the point is i could if i wanted to and that makes me feel good.


yesterday i realized that my cat has taken over my life. i've spent hundreds of dollars on her already but it all culminated yesterday evening when i picked her up and started dancing with her while singing "rock your body" in my cutesy kitty voice.

i hated cats before this, but this is one special kitty.


eli and i started to watch Miller's Crossing again last night. it's his favorite movie. i enjoy it too, but not as much as he does. one thing i do think i like as much as him is the music and the scenery, its really reminds you of what an Art direction can actually be in movies and makes you feel shortchanged because of how haphazard most movie direction is. not a lot of people take cinematography as serious as those coen brothers.

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