April 29, 2004 - 4:10 pm

okay, so i can understand how my diaryland popularity has faded since i moved to san francisco. i got this thing (called a "job") where i actually have to do this stuff (called "work") and i just have not been as loyal to diaryland as i once was.

given the fact that i've been completely selfish and i've done nothing but neglect my adoring fans and only think about myself for the last year and a half rather then update you on my daily misadventures, i'd like to ask you for something.

yes, you read that correctly. i'm offering you the opportunity to do something for me.

this is what YOU GUYS get for me not updating.

see, i'm going to be traveling at the end of may and i have no place to stay.

weeeeeeeeelll, since you all love me, who better to ask for a favor than my fans. right? right.

now. hear me out on this one, okay?...may sound crazy, but...just bear with me for a second...so, you with me?... okay, good....i'm visiting the big apple from May 23-26. i have no money and i need a place to stay and...GO!


the things is i'm totally serious about this. i don't NEED to stay in manhattan and would not mind in the least if i had to stay in one of the nearby burroughs. ideally, i wouldn't want to be in "the hood" because i'm going to be roaming the city all by my lonesome and i don't want to get hurt when i'm coming home to my anonymous keeper's everlovin' arms.

all i need is a place to sleep and shower (and since i'll only be there 3 nights, i could sacrifice the showers if i need to).

i'm really nice and funny once you get to know me but i am a little shy at first, depending on my mood. i'm also a very good house guest and i not only pick up after myself but pick up after anyone i can pick up after.

so please? help me find a place to stay! no lunatics, please.


alright and while we're at it i need a place to stay for journalcon. once again, i'm an educator, i have no money. i will buy a ticket out there and i will fly by the seat of my pants once i get there.

that's how i travel. i'm not big on plans, if you haven't noticed.

really, i'm one of the most kickass girls you'll ever meet. this is a great opportunity.

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