May 16, 2004 - 12:00 am

i don't have time to update from work any more, so here i am at my good friend's house updating from her little laptop that i have named whitney because it's all white, like whitney's cocaine.


i've gotten so many comments (3) regarding my hair and i have to say, it's grown on me. actually, it's more than grown on me, i love it now. the curls kinda loosened up into nice waves after about a week and now i'm back to looking hot (again).

so don't worry about me anymore and thank you so much for your concern.

hm, what else can i talk about? i saw mean girls (twice).

i really liked it and not just because lindsay lohan has such big hooters, i thought it was genuinely funny and makes reference to a topic that is very relevant for anyone who works with teenage girls.

i'm talking about girl-on-girl crime of course.

reminded me of when i was in high school and i was so mean to those girls who weren't as cute or intelligent or popular as i was.

those poor girls. it's a good thing i wasn't rich, then i REALLY would have had the power to fuck up their lives entirely and not just their self-esteem. after all, lots of money can buy lots of "get well" cards with "hope your face heals up" written on the inside.

come on people, i'm joking, of course!

anyhow, i used to have this huge thing for jimmy fallon but i'm thinking tina fey looks way hotter now. i would totally do her. she's smart and pretty. a little on the skinny side, but hey, no one is perfect right?

(yes, except for me, i know. i was trying not to mention it but i'm sure someone would have reminded me in my guestbook).

is the fake self esteem becoming?

i thought not, maybe i'll just wait until i'm actually happy with myself and my life.

in one week i will be free in new york city to wreak havoc, can't wait.

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